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Take The Metro or Drive to Work?

Posted on: September 14, 2015

There are those in D.C that drive to work and utilize one of the many parking garages in Dupont Circle, DC, while others choose to take the metro instead. How someone should commute usually depends on where they work and live. The DC Metro, while convenience of not having to drive in the city is nice, it unfortunately isn’t what you want to take if you want to be on time.

Using the Metro May Make You Late

During the morning hours, if you need to get to work on time, you may want to reconsider taking the Metro. Many riders are anxious to get to work in the early morning and this has caused a huge migration of people on the Metro. And because of this, delays are becoming a new normal. For those that work near Dupont Circle, opting to drive into work may be the best option.

When you are using the Metro to get to work on time, or to an important meeting, your options for riding are typically limited. During the busiest pieces of a day, the Metro does not usually follow a set schedule. This can make it difficult to get somewhere on time.

Drive and Park

Instead of the constant worry about delays and being late for work, you can leave and arrive on your own schedule. There is a large variety of parking garages in Dupont Circle DC which offer a great alternative to taking the metro. Driving to work, and parking provides you the freedom of choosing your own schedule and arriving on time. With so many different parking garages in downtown DC, finding somewhere to park is a breeze.

Parking Made Easy

ASG Parking allows you to find suitable parking for both busy work days and even during an event with their special even parking in Dupont DC.  With multiple locations throughout the DC rea, ASG offers both daily parking and monthly parking options to suit your needs. Their long list of Dupont Circle parking garages make it easy for all busy professionals to find somewhere the works best for them. Choosing the closest location is a breeze, and you no longer have to worry about getting to work on time when you are in control.

While the option of taking the Metro to work is available, it’s not typically the best choice for anything other than leisure activities. Instead using one of the many parking garages in Dupont Circle DC offers a bit more flexibility to an already busy work schedule.

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