Photo of 635 Slaters Lane – Garage

635 Slaters Lane – Garage

Parking for 635 Slaters Lane:

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Slaters Lane parking garage is operated by Atlantic Service Group. It is located in the historic area of Old Town of Alexandria, Virginia. You can find the parking garage off of the George Washington Parkway and it is approximately 10 minutes from Downtown DC.

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Facility Address: 635 Slaters Lane, Alexandria, VA, USA

The Slaters Lane parking garage is located at the intersection of George Washington Parkway and Slaters Lane.

Posted Rates

  • Daily Parking
    • 1 Hour ($5)
    • 1 Hour - All Day ($10)
  • Monthly Parking
    • Reserved ($190)
    • Unreserved ($100)


  • Covered Parking
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Self Park
  • Valet Parking

Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 6:30AM - 7:00PM
  • Tuesday: 6:30AM - 7:00PM
  • Wednesday: 6:30AM - 7:00PM
  • Thursday: 6:30AM - 7:00PM
  • Friday: 6:30AM - 7:00PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed