Our Company

Providing Peace of Mind

Founded in 1985, Marty Janis set out to create the DC area's most preeminent valet parking solution for the DC Metro area's finest restaurants, clubs and social events. Quickly, Atlantic grew to be the Nation's largest provider of special event parking handling more than 2,000 events each year.

In an effort to grow the business, Atlantic was sold to a national parking operator in 1998 with the hopes of taking its success in the DC market and expanding nationally. After the national sales platform did not come to fruition, Marty repurchased Atlantic in 2000 with the goal of creating a multi-tiered parking and transportation company with the new corporate moniker Atlantic Services Group. ASG set out to be a one stop solution for the DC metro area real estate community for all of their parking and transportation needs.

Today, Atlantic boasts a multi-channel business model including Atlantic Parking, Atlantic Maintenance, Atlantic Valet and Atlantic Transportation, serving clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area. As a locally owned company, the experienced Atlantic team understands the nuances of the DC Metro market, enabling us to provide our clients and customers unparalleled customer experience. We take great pride in our responsiveness to all clients and in the integrity through which we operate. Our combined focus on appropriate technology, service and profitability provides our clients and customers with peace of mind knowing that their needs are being handled with professionalism and care by the best in the industry.