Sustainability and ESG

Our ESG Commitments

Atlantic’s initiatives to incorporate environmental, social, and governance standards into our daily operations reflects the commitment we have to our customers, clients, employees and our community. Our ESG commitments are structured around three key areas relevant to our business: Our Garages, Our Community, and Our Environment.

Our Garages

We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Accordingly, our team has committed to implementing an energetic program aimed at making all Atlantic-run garages green. The Atlantic Green Garage program was started in 20(?) to aid in making the work we do efficient, while remaining environmentally conscious. In every one of our garages, we have placed “Atlantic Green Garage” stickers to guarantee our customers that we have taken the necessary steps to remain environmentally conscious.

All Atlantic Garages:

  • Use environmentally sensitive and sensible materials
  • Use Green Seal cleaning supplies and equipment
  • Foster recycling and the use of recycling containers
  • Uses recycled paper supplies whenever possible
  • Recycles old metal signs
  • Use green oil and grease absorbent products and procedures
  • Make sure exhaust fans are checked and operate
  • Use environmentally friendly ice melt products and other supplies
  • Spent light bulbs and other hazardous materials are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner in approved collection points

Our Community

Atlantic and its employees are committed to giving back to the community of which we are a part. Atlantic supports several charitable projects and organizations, making it a company priority to do so annually. Additionally, Atlantic supports our employees’ philanthropy of choice through financial donations as well as paid time off for service days to encourage greater community involvement. Read more about our community involvement.

Our Environment

Atlantic remains conscious of the crucial climate crisis and is focused on minimizing the environmental impacts of our business. We have provided our porters with Green Seal materials and reference booklets regarding environmentally conscious materials, cleaning supplies and procedures to be used in our garage. In addition, our leadership team includes LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Associates, meaning we are able to evaluate all field activities using in-house expertise. The dedicated practices at Atlantic ensure we remain at the cutting edge of today’s environmental responsibilities.