Meet Our Team

Atlantic Services Group leadership are veteran parking professionals with significant experience, well rounded skills in parking management, and incredibly diverse backgrounds. Our team of professionals are here to serve you.

Executive Leadership Team - Corporate

Photo of Marty Janis

Marty Janis

President and CEO

Photo of Matthew Upton

Matthew Upton

Vice President, Parking Operations

Photo of Michael Maresca

Michael Maresca

Director, Risk Management and Internal Controls

Photo of Yohannes Kifle

Yohannes Kifle

General Manager, Atlantic Parking

Senior Leadership - Transportation, Valet, Parking & Facilities

Photo of Donna Chin

Donna Chin

General Manager, Atlantic Transportation

Photo of Natnael Abraham

Natnael Abraham

General Manager, Atlantic Valet

Photo of Belay Kadida

Belay Kadida

Sr. Parking Operations Manager (DC)

Photo of David Robinson

David Robinson

Parking Operations Manager (MD)

Photo of Deresse Kedu

Deresse Kedu

Sr. Parking Operations Manager (VA)

Photo of Jabari Reaves

Jabari Reaves

Parking Operations Manager (MD)

Photo of Juan Carlos Quiroga

Juan Carlos Quiroga

Parking Operations Manager (VA)

Photo of Mario Garcia

Mario Garcia

Development Manager, Facility Services & Parking Maintenance

Senior Leadership - Accounting, Customer Service, & Special Projects

Photo of Samuel Sislen

Samuel Sislen

Special Projects Manager

Photo of Sharita Mitchell

Sharita Mitchell

Customer Service Manager

Photo of Sri Ananth

Sri Ananth

Manager, Atlantic Accounting