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Atlantic Services Group is comprised of Atlantic Parking, Atlantic Valet, Atlantic Maintenance, and Atlantic Transportation.

Atlantic Parking

Atlantic’s professionals have a deep understanding of all facets of parking operations, including the changing technologies impacting parking operations and the customer experience.

Atlantic manages with an eye on maximizing efficiencies, profitability, and service while closely monitoring new technologies which will have an impact on your facility in the years to come. As technologies are constantly changing, Atlantic works closely with owners in providing appropriate technology for their specific customer base.  Each operation has its own special requirements and Atlantic is focused on finding the technologies that work best for each operation.

With over 90 parking garages, lots, medical complexes, and grocery chains in its portfolio, Atlantic has become the Washington, D.C. metro areas most reliable, responsible, respected and efficient parking operator. Our operating team maintains a hands-on approach to management which ensures that the operations are functioning optimally at all times. Through constant communication and transparency, Atlantic works closely with owners and property managers in order to foster a parking experience where “peace of mind” is created for all of our clients.

Atlantic Valet

Since 1985, Atlantic Valet has created memorable first and last impressions for our clients and guests with our attentive and courteous service.

Having managed more than 57,000 events (yes, 57,000) in our 38-year history, the Atlantic team understands we are the front door to your event or establishment responsible for setting the proper tone. Our solutions-based team of valet professionals will provide superior service as a result of an unwavering commitment and passion to create a safe, professional, and friendly experience for all your guests.

Atlantic Valet complements any event, venue, hospital, club, or business with the distinction of warm hospitality and professionalism. As your parking partner, our concierge parking services allow you to focus on other components of your event or business.

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Atlantic Facility Maintenance

The Atlantic maintenance team will create a safe and clean parking environment for your tenants, patient’s visitors, and guests.

Atlantic’s in-house maintenance team coupled with our partnered service providers will work closely with you to determine the best course of action to achieve your goals with a dedicated focus on green and Eco-friendly practices. Our team conducts routine facility audits examining general appearance, cleanliness and safety features. All findings and recommendations are presented to our operating team who will work with building management to ensure a safe and clean operation.