Clean Transportation

August 18, 2020

Clean Transportation

Client Safety

Here at Atlantic we have taken a number of practical steps to ensure the safety of all customers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our CEO, Marty Janis stated, “No one was ready for Covid-19.  Atlantic decided early on that we will stay open, keep our employees and make it our mission to lead from the front.  Constantly making improvements to our business so we can provide safe transportation and provide peace of mind”. There are many aspects of transportation within Atlantic, but we just wanted to highlight the changes that have been implemented to our Shuttle Services.  As a community, we are all in this pandemic together, here at Atlantic we are working to make our services as safe as possible for you, your tenants, employees, visitors, and your family.

Practical Steps

Currently, there are two options for client safety on the shuttle buses. The first is Plexiglass guards in between each row of seats, the second is plexiglass guards and plastic curtains dividing each seat. Regardless, of your choice masks will be available as well as hand sanitizer and a plexiglass sneeze guard for each driver. An antimicrobial film has been applied to commonly touched areas in each shuttle bus. The clear film was designed to effectively destroy bacteria and decrease spread in public areas. These films are equipped with silver ions, that slow down the metabolism of bacteria leading to their destruction. All of these are easy, practical and safe methods used to keep you and your family safe. 

These options are designed to help best suit each customer to ensure comfort and safety.

Option 1:

Plexiglass guards are placed in between each row of seats and the driver. Without the ability to be 6 feet apart these barriers stop the spread of any bacteria.  

Option 2:

This option has plexiglass guards behind each seat, a plastic curtain between each seat and a plastic curtain down the middle aisle. These plastic curtains provide further levels of protection ensuring the safety of each passenger. 

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Atlantic is here to create the safest, most enjoyable experience for you throughout this unprecedented time. By creating these bacterial barriers, sanitizing and following the guidelines of the CDC your safety is our priority. For more information visit us on our website, Facebook, and Instagram!