Atlantic Giving Back

September 1, 2020

Atlantic Giving Back

Giving Back

Atlantic is so grateful for each client and as a way to say thank you, Atlantic has given back. Through this difficult time it is important to not only help clients, but also help those researching to create a vaccine for COVID-19. Atlantic has donated it’s spare server CPU resources to Folding @ Home along with painting and upgrading our garages at no cost to ownership.

Folding @ Home’s Impact

Folding @ Home is a computer program for scientists to work together with private companies to help cure diseases. Specifically, it shares server/computer/workstation resources allowing far greater computational analysis in finding a cure. Focusing on COVID-19 today, Folding @ Home also helps to fight cancer, infectious diseases, neurological diseases and more. Atlantic has stepped up to help Folding @ Home with generous donations of our spare CPU resources on our internal servers. Atlantic has accumulated 5 million points (which is 3,000+ work units) though providing our shared server processing power that can be used by scientists throughout the country. These units allow scientists to work together, share their expertise and help find the solutions that are currently affecting us globally.

Garage Upgrades

Along with donating to causes like Folding @ Home, Atlantic has also been giving back to customers in many ways. By actively disinfecting, sanitizing and providing protective gear to customers Atlantic has been a leader in the industry. Atlantic has also been taking the time to repaint and touch up many of our garages and curbs. These changes have provided a fresh, clean look to the spaces. Updating Atlantic’s own garages, they have also taken the time to help paint and better community curbs around the area.

Learn More

Atlantic’s goal is not only to serve clients but assist in anyway possible to find a cure for  COVID-19. By generously donating to Folding @ Home, Atlantic has provided a larger platform and ability for a vaccine to be created. To find out more about Folding @ Home Click here. To learn more about Atlantic Service Group visit our website, look out for our blog posts every other Tuesday and follow us on Facebook, and Instagram.