Park Simply and Safely

September 15, 2020

Park Simply and Safely

Safe Parking

Parking never has to be stressful and with the ability to reserve your spot ahead of time, Atlantic’s has you covered. As we transition back to a normal routine, Atlantic wants to help you save the most time and money while you’re out and about. No matter if you’re currently looking for a spot, or need parking in the future, you can reserve your spot ahead of time. Atlantic wants you to focus on what really matters and not worry about being late or finding a parking space. Along with being the simplest way to park, it’s also the cheapest way to park. Simply, select your desired location and Atlantic finds you the best prices nearby. 

Contactless Parking

Throughout these unprecedented times Atlantic is committed to keeping clients as safe as possible. With the ability to reserve your parking spot ahead of time Atlantic, has also implemented so additional safety protocols. At some of our locations we have begun rolling out “contactless parking”; when it’s time to leave the garage you can waive or tap your preferred credit card in front of the payment device to complete your transaction. Please note that this is being rolled out garage-by-garage, and your credit card has to support this feature.

Why Use Atlantic

With contactless parking, great locations and unbeatable prices there is no reason to ever worry about parking again. Atlantic is at the forefront in providing a safe environment in all shuttle services. Along with adding in new the updated safety protocols throughout the pandemic Atlantic is always trying to give back. Whether it’s upgrading garages, utilizing enhanced sanitization, or donating spare CPU server resources to Folding @ Home we are making a huge difference to end COVID 19. Atlantic is here to help you in any way possible by providing the best services throughout these times. Follow us on our website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates, information and more.